Who's Nihat Çiçek?

Nihat Çiçek graduated from Trakya University Anesthesia department in 2000. Until 2010, he worked in anesthesia applications of all kinds of surgical operations.

After 2010, He continued his career by branching in on hair transplant, beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, scar (wound) repair on scalp and PRP operation subjects. He still continues domestic and international works.


Hair Transplantation

Carefully removed grafts are placed in the channels opened individually, taking into account the direction of hair growth.

Beard / Eyebrow Transplantation

With the FUE method, hair follicles are planted to the relevant regions in predetermined directions using finer tips.

Wound Repair on Scalp

According to the type of scar (wound) on the scalp, the appropriate treatment method is determined and the relevant treatment is applied after patient approval.


Hair Transplantation


What are the Hair Transplantation Stages?

  • Before Hair Transplantation

    1- Interrupting drug use

    It is the prevention of the presence of a mismatch during the operation process with the drugs you use, especially blood thinning drugs such as aspirin.

    2- Anamnesis Stage

    It is the questioning of the person's own health history that will be done before the operation.

    3- Pre-Surgery Preparation Stage

    Alcohol and surgery anesthetics can cause adverse reactions and can be dangerous. Alcohol consumption should be stopped completely at least 72 hours before surgery.
    Tobacco and tobacco products, on the other hand, may delay recovery due to their effects on blood vessels and put the success of the surgery at risk.Tobacco and tobacco products should never be used, but left if they are used. If there is a post-operative tobacco addiction, a break should be made for 10 days.

  • After Hair Transplantation

    Sports should not be done for 1 month

    Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

    The area where the transplantation is done 10 days after the hair transplant operation should never be touched.

    On the 12th day, shelling should be applied

    After surgery, sauna, fitness, pool, sea activities should be avoided

    The first 3 days should definitely rest without moving too much

    In the first 5 days after the operation, sleep with your head up in a half-sitting position with a few pillow supports. This will prevent the formation of swelling. Absolutely avoid contact between the pillow and the planting area

  • Medicines Used

    Cipro 500 mg (12 hours apart)

    Prednol tablet

    Majezik (in case of pain no more than 2 times a day)

    In some cases, aspirin



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